Perennials A - H

Astilbe - we carry pink, red and white; requires partial shade

Athyrium Niponicum variegated fern fronds, requires shade

Brunnera Silver Heart - shade, partial shade, moist soil

Buddleia - Butterfly Bush,  available in purple, pink and red

Calamagrostis  Karl Foerster - upright grass 4 -5 feet, feather like plumes, full sun

Campanula Blue Waterfall - sun to partial shade, 8 - 10 inches tall, moist well drained soil

Coreopsis Jethro Tull - 17 to 19 inches tall likes sun

Crocosmia Lucifer -  similar to gladiolus, flower stem dark brown flower red, likes full sun

Dianthus - (Candy Floss) other flower colors and sents are available, full sun, 10 to 12 inches high

Dicentra (Bleeding Hearts) - partial shade, with moist soil

Dryopteris, "Autum Fern" requires partial sun

Deschampsia caespitosa 'Northern Lights' - light thin semi-evergreen  grass,  plants tolerate more shade than most grasses.

Echinacea Magnus "Cone Flower" - requires full sun, available in a variety of colors

Festuca glauca 'Elijah Blue' - forms short rounded clumps of soft powder blue foliage

Hakonechloa macra "All Gold" - Japanese forest grass, likes partial shade

Helleborus  Lenten Rose - evergreen  come in red, pink, purple, white, yellow and varying shades, partial shade

Hemerocallis " Daylily" requires full sun, available in orange (Advante Garde), purple, white and shades of yellow

Heuchera "Coral Bells" - colorful foliage and exquisite spikes of small bell-shaped flowers

Hosta "Plantain Lily" - various varieties, some variegated some not, prefers partial shade